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Therapeutic Directed Journal - Paperback


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A therapeutic directed journal is a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Unlike a traditional journal where you simply record your thoughts and experiences, our directed journal is outlined by over 150 prompts broken down into 11 mental health sections. The journal can be used as a daily journal, focusing on one section, or picking individual prompts throughout. The journal comes undated so start & use whenever you would like. Design is minimal and journal only contains Black & White to achieve a simple, elegant look. 

This Journal Contains: 

  • 11 sections || 15+ prompts / section. 
  • Ample space for detailed writing according to prompts. 
  • No dates or timelines, so start and work on it as you wish. 
Sections include:
  • Who am I || Strengths & Weaknesses  
  • Trauma || Relationships || Depression 
  • Anxiety || Body Image || Grief & Loss 
  • People Pleasing || Perfectionism || Finding Meaning 
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